Advanced communication skills - managing difficult conversations

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Life gives us many everyday situations that leave people disrupted and they are trying to solve it with the right communication. The problem we encounter when dealing with difficult situations is not only behavior of your oponent but your own reactions to the problem. Training gives answers to questions about how to handle difficult conversations so we can have cultivated conversation, how to bring a partner to communicate at the level of the mature person. You will learn how to resist the tactics of the other party as you turn a misunderstanding into a win-win situation. Based on the training you will discover the way of constructive and balanced emotional communication in any given circumstances.

Cílová skupina

every employee, especially managers and HR staff

Obsahová náplň

  • The ability to look at the situation from above
  • Why misunderstandings arise between people
  • Identification of signals to help in time know when the communication starts to move in another direction
  • Get to know your own triggers of unwanted reactions
  • The most common types of reactions in conflict
  • Communication methods of solutions in difficult conversations
  • Responding to attacks (irony, manipulation …)
  • Finding a mutually beneficial agreement

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