Project Management Fundamentals [EN]

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Popis kurzu

Course topics

  • Key PM terms, tools and techniques
  • How to initiate project?
  • How to effective plan any project
  • How to start project execution?
  • How to manage project risks?
You will learn the principles of effective project management. You will learn to apply the project management to deal with problems and challenges, to define the scale of the project, and the matrix for evaluating the level of success of the project implementation. You will be able to effectively interconnect projects with the strategy of the organization. You will have the ability to support the marketing of the project. You will get to know the life cycle of a project and recommended organizational structure. You will learn planning principles, which lead to practical and useful project plans. You will understand the outcomes of mutual influence of the projects and the regular operative tasks. You will learn the best practices of project tasks organizing. You will learn to work with project risks.

International standards compatibility

Training is compatible with Project Management Institute (PMI) PMBOK ® Fourth Edition international standard, International Project Management Association (IPMA) – Competence Baseline ver. 3.0. and ČSN ISO 10 006.

Perhaps you don´t know

…We are the only PM training provider in CR offering courses accredited for both IPMA® and PMI® certification and recertification. …This course can be used in certification or re-certification PMI® and IPMA®, where a certain amount of training hours is obligatory. You will get 15 PDUs´per two day training for international project management certification and recertification.

Methods and techniques

Highly interactive training using model situations and group games. Includes flexibility and creativity training. Decision making in limited conditions using case studies, group sharing and reflection, lectures, moderated discussions, and ice-breaking activities. Working with high quality feedback, using both photos and videos. Materials will be available in printed version.

Cílová skupina

Do you need to learn to correctly initiate projects as a project initiator or to tackle them as a project manager or team leader? Do you wish to round off your management knowledge and skills in project management – initiation, planning, and risks? The practical training will bolster your key project management competences.

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