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This 1-day course provides an introduction to the IT4IT a prescriptive standard for providing guidance on how to design, procure, and implement functionality needed to run IT in today’s multi-sourced environments. In addition, the course emphasizes the IT4IT Reference Architecture and the four IT Value Streams associated with the IT4IT Value Chain. This course is not accredited or endorsed by The Open Group. Price of exam is not included in the price of the course.

Cílová skupina

  • Senior IT management, IT operations staff, IT process owners, business managers, business process owners.
  • IT professionals working for organizations that have adopted, or are planning to adopt, the IT4IT standard and need to be able to manage, support and/or operate within such an environment.
  • Individuals requiring an understanding of IT4IT and how it can contribute to the success of IT within an IT organization.

Obsahová náplň

On successful completion of this course, candidates will gain knowledge in:

  • The expected benefits to be realized from the IT Value Chain model, as described by the IT4IT open standard.
  • The four IT Value Stream which compose the IT Value Chain model: Strategy-To-Portfolio, Requirements-To-Deploy, Request-To-Fulfill, and Detect-To-Correct.
  • The New-Style-of-IT and what IT organizations “must do” to support this new paradigm.
  • The two modes of IT operation: Core IT and Fluid IT.
  • How IT4IT provides the structure to improve and automate “Core IT” & scale and enable “Fluid IT.”
  • How to create a prescriptive, consistent service model backbone (including a common data model and appropriate context), complete with all documentation and required interactions.
  • How to complement existing process frameworks and methodologies, (e.g. ITIL®, CoBIT®, SAFe® and TOGAF®) by taking the data-focused implementation model perspective of IT4IT, and essentially specifying an information model that can be used across the entire IT value chain.
  • How to use the IT4IT open standard to support real world use cases driven by the Digital Economy (e.g. Cloud-sourcing, Agile, DevOps and service brokering).
  • For more info about this course please open datasheet

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