Communication Skills – Telephone Conversations, Writing Email & Negotiating

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This course will focus on your ability to successfully communicate over the phone, in email, meetings and social situations. The very small group size ensures individual attention and the opportunity to maximise your time. The results should increased confidence by having greater fluency and accuracy.

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This course is ideal for executives, managers and working professionals, including Lawyers, Paralegals and administrative staff who wish to improve their ability to use English within a business context.

Learners will typically work in the following industries and sectors:

  • Telecoms,
  • Financial services,
  • B2B including IT and Consulting,
  • Energy,
  • Engineering,
  • Public Administration,
  • Healthcare,
  • Human Resources,
  • Consumer goods,
  • Marketing,
  • Professionals including Paralegals & Lawyers.

This course is ideal for most levels of executives, managers and working professionals from B1 to C1/2 level.

Obsahová náplň

You can expect to improve the following linguistic and business skills:

  • Communication skills: – Telephone Conversations.
  • Business word building: – Teleconferencing, telephoning.
  • Email writing: – Negotiations (persuading, bargaining, compromising).
  • Grammatical accuracy: – Accuracy in pronunciation.

Everything you learn in this course has been created with practical application in mind. Through a variety of scenarios, we help you practice and improve your everyday English language skills for work.

You will learn and practice common telephone vocabulary and phrases for clear communication and identify the appropriate use of Email Styles (Informal vs Formal) including a section on proper Business Email writing.

You will also build your ability to negotiate more confidently by practicing a greater range of common terms and useful phrases for bargaining, persuading and compromising with the right level of diplomacy.

Michele M LeBlanc, CHRP

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