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In the last couple of years software deployment and virtualization solutions are changed.

Docker and Kubernetes are the representatives of this modern container technology. This course introduces participants to the fundamental concepts of Docker and Kubernetes.

Cílová skupina

This course will guide you through how to apply containerization with Docker. By the end of the training participants will be able to leverages the clustering features of Swarm and Kubernetes.

Obsahová náplň

  • What is container technology?
  • Softwares in a container environment
  • Installing and managing docker containers
  • Creating and managing docker images
  • Persistent storages and shared state with volumes
  • Clustering with swarm
  • Networking with Docker
  • Clustering with Swarm and Kubernetes

Termíny kurzů

19.08.2019 - 22.08.2019
09.12.2019 - 12.12.2019

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Lukáš Vallo
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