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Successful completion of this three-day, instructor-led course will enhance the participant’s understanding of how to troubleshoot the full line of Palo Alto Networks®next-generation firewalls.Participants will have opportunities to perform hands-on troubleshooting ofcommon problems related to the configuration and operation of the features of the Palo Alto Networks®PAN-OS®operating system.Completion of this classwill helpparticipantsdevelopan in-depth knowledge of how to troubleshoot visibility and control over applications, users, and content.

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Security Engineers, Security Administrators, Security Operations Specialists, Security Analysts, Network Engineers, and Support Staf

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The Palo Alto Networks Firewall 8.1:

Troubleshootingcourse is threedays of virtual instructor led training that will help you:

  • Investigate networking issues using firewall tools including the CLI
  • Follow proven troubleshooting methodologies specific to individual features
  • Analyze advanced logs to resolve various real-life scenarios
  • Solve advanced, scenario-based challenges

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