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VSBFB - Visual Basic for Applications

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In this course, you get the basic skills to develop applications using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which is used primarily for the development of macros in MS Office. You will learn how to use basic construction of Visual Basic, define variables, use data types, functions and procedures, and collections, loops, you learn to handle runtime errors application debug program, use their own forms and also understand the basics of object-oriented programming.

Obsahová náplň

Introduction to create applications using Microsoft Visual Basic

  • Properties of Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Working in a development environment

Working with program code

  • Modules
  • Using the editor window
  • Comments
  • Environment settings
  • Automatic code completion
  • Dialogs

Variables and Procedures

  • Declaring variables
  • Data types
  • Converting Data Types
  • Constants
  • Arrays

Procedures and Functions

  • Procedures and Functions
  • Parameters of functions and procedures
  • Optional parameters
  • value parameters and reference parrameters
  • Featured built-in functions

Flow control program

  • Logical and comparison operators
  • If..Then
  • Select..Case
  • Do..Loop
  • For..Next
  • Ending loops

Working with collections

  • What's Collection
  • Create a collection
  • Passage through the collection cycle For..Next
  • Passage through the collection cycle For..Each
  • Samples collections


  • Types of errors
  • Watch window
  • Immediate window
  • Call Stack
  • Locals window
  • Step through the program

Catching errors

  • Run-time error
  • Err object
  • Concatenation errors
  • Inline Error Handling

Basics of creating custom forms

  • Custom forms
  • Basic usage controls

Object-oriented programming

  • Introduction to Object
  • Use the properties, methods and events
  • Create and use custom classes
  • Create and use custom properties
  • Creating and using custom events

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