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CSDI - Successful Digital Transformation guidelines – level I

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Crash courses are half-day, intensive online learning courses that are designed for power learners, regardless of prior experience about specific subject.

Increasingly, we, as a society, are placing a greater level of importance upon completing things quickly and efficiently, a reflection of our fast-paced modern world perhaps. This has partly been driven by the increasing number of people not having the luxury of time to spend on extensive education. Crash courses offer a number of benefits for students and are worth a fraction of full course’s price. They are often used as decision tool, in order for students to make up a mind whether or not to attend particular full course.

Cílová skupina

Crash courses are for the main focus groups:

  • Students which are undecided whether to attend particular full course
  • Students which have limited time for educational development
  • Students curious about the subject from holistic point of view
  • Students which like to become aware of the course subject (T-shaped/ Pie-shaped/ Comb-shape skilled learners)

Main benefits of crash courses:

  1. Higher candidate’s certification success rate
    There is mounting evidence that students of crash courses are more likely to successfully pass the certification examination, since they are already familiar with the topic prior to the full-length course.
  2. Value for money
    Consider a crash course as a warm-up phase to any of chosen course subject. Not only they you will get introduced to it, but also, you should be able to get the extract of learned subject in a ‘nutshell’.
  3. Better information retention
    Students will have a much easier time remembering things for half day rather than couple of days a week. As the concept is explained the information is then committed to the long-term memory. For those who are having lessons weekly, there is a greater chance of the information being forgotten because of the length of time between it being encountered and subsequently reinforced.

Obsahová náplň

Successful Digital Transformation guidelines – level 1

  • The introduction of ITIL® as a “Best practice
  • ITIL® 4 Framework
  • ITIL® service value system
  • ITIL® service value chain
  • An introduction to Agile
  • 7 PRINCE2 Agile® themes introduction
  • 7 PRINCE2 Agile® processes introduction
  • Introduction to Scrum and Kanban visualization method

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